The clutter in my garage was frankly, disgusting. It got to the point where it was so overwhelming I just wanted to throw it all away, but I knew that somewhere in that clutter were things that I may actually need. Calling the folks at COS was the best thing I could have done. In a few short hours, my garage was magically transformed into the delight it is today. I am so happy whenever I pull into my garage now, it's a pleasure to look at! Thank you COS!!
When Tory arrived at my house to help coordinate my photo project she was confronted with numerous bags and boxes containing at least 8 years of family photos! My own attempts at organization had only led to more confusion; single envelopes contained baby photos and first day of school photos, and so on. Within four days of working together I had years’ worth of photos organized by year and occasion in new boxes, marked by year for future use. I feel comfortable entering the digital age with...
I feel so good after a project with Creative Organization. Tory and Ellen have helped me “downsize” the problem area’s of the house---office, basement, attic, and most recently, the garage. For the first time ever, we can fit both our cars in the garage! I’m amazed at how efficient they are… diving right in to sort, re-organize and purge! It is such a relief to be clutter-free and know where everything is.
Ellen and Tory, You girls are the greatest! I wish I was not as addicted to you as I have become. Thank you for organizing my life despite the chaos.
COS helped me start and finish all of those "gotta have" and "want to have" projects around the house that I never had the time for as a full-time, working professional. They scheduled the projects, got multiple bids, met with contractors, and supervised the work. I never had to take a day of vacation time or use my free weekend days for projects. COS was organized, responsive, and easy to work with. I've used them on six major projects and several smaller projects so far. They were able to...
  “As a single mom, I was overwhelmed with moving my two daughters to different rooms, and turning the nursery into an office. Creative Organization helped me purge and then reorganize the closets and it made a HUGE difference. After that I had them come back and do my closet and storage space. With my closet organized, it makes it much easier and faster to get ready for work in the morning. They also gave me a bunch of helpful tips, which I now use!”  
Dear Tory and Ellen, Thank you for making my life more streamlined. From the day we met in my classroom, I knew you were going to be perfect for my needs. You put perspective on my chaos and helped me by creating organized files with dozens of appropriate labels, designed a dynamite closet for me at my home and took the almost 40 years of pictures and letters and put them in a sane arrangement. You were respectful in not tossing anything without consulting me first. It was delightful having you...
"With our second child on the way, not only did we need to move quickly, but we hoped to get top dollar for our condo. Creative Organization was able to transform our apartment into a highly marketable listing with a minimal investment. They identified our target market and redesigned it with that in mind. Not only did our apartment go immediately, but the first couple that saw it fought aggressively for it. It looked so nice when they were finished that we didn't want to leave, but now we are...